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Typically, we’re engaged by product team leaders & founders who are looking to embed a senior product manager. Reasons & motivations vary – including but not limited to:

. Increased capacity to go after an opportunity
. Keen to improve product maturity within their team
. Interim product leader whilst searching for a long term FTE
. Cover maternity, paternity or professional leave
. Transition from sales/marketing led to product led
. Exposure to the skills, tools & mindset needed to get to the team to the next level

Hire our consultants  for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Each of our consultants has at least 8 yrs experience. See some of our case studies here. We have worked within SAAS, B2B, B2C, GOV. We’ve worked at startups, scaleups, small, large private & publicly listed companies. Contact us to to start the discussion about your product team resourcing needs.

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Adding Capacity Or Covering Leave

This is the general ‘ark’ of an engagement focused on adding capacity
or covering leave within your team.

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Get in touch

Our co-founder Gavin Rae will reach out & schedule time to understand your requirements. We will discuss your goals & the scope for an embedded product manager.

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Kick Off

Based on your goals & our availability a consultant will start with your team.Once onboarded, through years of experience – our consultant will start to add value rapidly.

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We’ll schedule a weekly catch-up to ensure the engagement stays on track & expectations remain aligned. Further product management capacity or UX design can be added as required.

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Our mission is to elevate product craft in Sydney. In-line with our vision consultants will document & table suggestions to improve process, mindset or tooling at your organisation.

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Transition Out

Once we’ve achieved the scope of the engagement e.g. new product launch or your FTE returns from leave we will being the process of transitioning out. This may involve hand-over to an internal FTE & producing documentation, artefacts for the team.

Increasing Product Maturity

The ark of an engagement focused on increasing product maturity is a little
different to covering leave or adding capacity.


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Intros & Needs Analysis

Once you’re in touch. We’ll schedule a discussion. We may use our Product Maturity Assessment to quantify & prioritise areas of focus.


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Our consultant joins your team & focusses on rapidly onboarding. In this stage, building context through conversations & immersion is key. Ideally we work closely with a stakeholder who continues to bed in recommendations surfaced as part of this engagement.


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Once we have sufficient context, our consultant will put forward recommendations to be prioritized & scoped.


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Our consultant will take the relevant steps to drive improvements e.g. training, coaching – creating & socializing artefacts or working as a leader/contributor.


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Transition Out

Our goal is to ensure we drive meaningful change well after we’ve left the building. We will hand over to an internal FTE as well as leaving artefacts to support the team on-going.


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Post Engagement Support

You can set up an ongoing support plan to get considered answers to questions & concerns on-going from our crew of senior product managers.

The Product Rocket Difference

‍Our product management consultants work collaboratively. We regularly discuss challenges & opportunities to leverage our collective experience. By doing this, we increase the value of our recommendations & execution to our clients.

We are framework agnostic. Rather than slavishly implementing “our” framework – our consultants will pick the most appropriate framework, approach or method for your individual solution. We have a ‘product maturity assessment’ which helps us to identify areas to be worked on. It also helps us quantify areas where improvement has been made.

We have a ‘product maturity assessment’ which helps us to identify areas to be worked on. It also helps us quantify areas where improvement has been made.

Our consultants have worked across leading Fin-Techs, Prop-Tech, Health-Tech, Marketplace, Professional services, Gov & much more. Each consultant has at least 8 years experience & are also available for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month embedded assignments within your product team.

See some of our case studies here

Product Rocket difference

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